He Got My Attention

Have you ever been thinking about something you should do? Or in my case, something you should get back to doing? Only your taking you time deciding to do it. Well my kids, being boys, love all things superhero. So, of course they wanted to see the Avengers. Even before we went to see it, my oldest was saying for a couple of days that he wanted to draw Iron Man. Well, finally on the day we went to see the movie we came back home and my oldest started acting like he was bored. You know when kids are like that they are on the brink of getting into trouble. So I got on the computer with him sitting next to me to find a picture of Iron Man, one he wanted to practice drawing, when I saw the following picture:


The Creator of all things, God, does have a sense of humor. I’d always heard that and believed it, but this is the first time he made me really laugh. Ok, God, I get your point. I’ll write.

Was there ever a time God showed you his sense of humor? What happened?

The above picture was found on: http://www.plotmonkeys.com/2012/05/24/my-obsession-continues/

2 thoughts on “He Got My Attention

  1. Amy Deardon says:

    Hi Alisa, I found your blog through a picture you posted on 09.02.2011 of a father and boy embracing the ocean. I was excited to read about your book and your writing! Hope it’s going well 🙂 Amy

    • Thanks Amy, I’m kind of at a stand still right now. I’m waiting for God to tell me what the next step needs to be. I’m hoping this is the year I become published or at least become represented by an Agent.

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