Something New For Me

I am so excited to tell you I have a new job. I am teaching part-time as an art teacher. I teach grades pre-k through 2nd. It has been awesome.

The weekend before I started, it didn’t seem real. I kept thinking it wasn’t going to feel real until I start teaching and I was right.

I’m not giving up on writing, though. I still want to become a writer, but I also want to teach art. Since I’m only working part-time, I believe God has made a way for me to do the two things I love; art and writing. God is good!

Here is an up date on where I am at on the road to publication for “Victorian Knight”:

  1. Written a 5 page synopsis.
  2. Written a query
  3. Saving money to pay a professional proofreading service to read my manuscript.
  4. Purchased “2012 Guide to Literary Agents”
  5. Highlighted possible Agents most likely interested in my kind of manuscript.

Things next to do:

  1. Pay for manuscript to be proofread.
  2. Make a spread sheet of possible Agents with important information: address, email, website, genre interests.
  3. Write a short synopsis.
  4. Send out queries.
  5. Work on next book.

Tell me something good God has done for you lately.

I like the image above because art and writing is such a right brain activity. Here is the required attribute:

Image: Boaz Yiftach /

One thought on “Something New For Me

  1. joyce says:

    So proud and happy for you!

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