I have a drug problem

I heard the story told of a man who had a drug problem. From the time he was a baby he was drug to church on Sunday morning, drug to church Sunday night, drug to church on Wednesday night, and drug to church any other time the doors were open.

That was me. So, I forget that phrases I grew up hearing are not always understood by others outside the denomination I am in. This was brought back to mind when a good friend of mine read my book for the purpose of helping me do a little editing. One of the characters in my book stated that he prayed the sinners prayer. She wrote out to the side: “what is the sinners prayer.

The sinners prayer is prayed when a person prays to God asking him to forgive them of their sin, believes that Jesus is God’s son, and asks Jesus to be their Lord (i.e. the boss).

To pray the prayer, you really have to mean what you are praying. We try to put sin into categories: big and little and think that the little sin doesn’t count. Yet, sin is sin, even if it’s big or small.

A lot of people believe in God, but believing in Jesus is very important to the sinner’s prayer. You must believe in him. Hey, I’m not the one who says it. I’m just the messenger. It’s stated in the Bible.

Asking Jesus to be your Lord or Boss is not easy. In fact that is the hardest part. We want to do and be what we want. But the greatest thing about praying the sinners prayer is that God has a plan for our lives that is greater than anything we could plan ourselves.

What is the greatest benefit you will get from praying the sinners prayer? Your soul will live forever with Jesus in a place where there is no pain, no sorrow, and no sadness, only joy and happiness.

I love to hear the stories of when others prayed the sinners prayer. Will you tell me when you prayed the sinners prayer? What made you decide to pray the sinners prayer?