I am currently looking for representation from literary agents. My first book is a Christian historical romance set in the early victorian era. This is what it is about:


Victorian Knight

Unknown to Cynthia Clarkson, she is the heir to an Earldom but believes she must get married by her eighteenth birthday to inherit her father’s fortune. For this reason, she sneaks into her stepmother’s masquerade ball. There she meets the Earl of Prestonshire, the heir to the Dukedom of Blackfield. Though she likes him, she’s too afraid to go through with her plan and does her best to keep him from learning her name. When their second dance is nearly over, she sees her stepmother approaching and leaves him abruptly. Cynthia resigns herself to being her stepmother’s secretary.

When Preston realizes she has left her monogrammed handkerchief with him, his first wishes to return it, but this proves a challenge. After asking around at high society events, he discovers no one knows who she is.  He will need to trust God to guide him in his search for her whereabouts. In the process, he will learn that Cynthia’s life is in danger. Can he find her? Will he be in time?


I have started the next book in the hopes that I can make Victorian Knight a series. It is about Preston’s twin brother’s and though it is still in the development stage, I’m enjoying the direction it is going.

I’ve also started a second series of books, also historical Christian romance. The first book is titled Gentle Revenge and is set in the Medieval Era.