Do You Like Reading Historical Christian Romance?

20130608-004831.jpgWell . . . In my last post I promised I would put up chapters of a story I’m working on. You could say its a rough draft, meaning the only thing corrected is spelling. But, before I expose myself to you I need to lay down a few rules.

1. No copying and pasting my work and making it your own. Sooooo not right. It’s illegal actually.

2. If you see a mistake, leave a comment. Just be nice about it. Just because I’m not an expert on self editing doesn’t mean I’m an idiots.

3. Consider the time period. If you think a word or phrase is to modern leave a comment. For example, you shouldn’t find the word “yep” in the dialogue of a story set in medieval time.

4. Please don’t suggest anything that will change what is being conveyed in the story or change the feel of the story.

This all being said I hope you, the reader, and I will: Discover, Learn, and Write, a story that will both entertain and inspiring. My next blog post should include the first chapter.

What do you think of these 4 rules? Do they seem reasonable?

Writing Historical: How to choose a year?

 photo HRM_01_zps7a79319d.jpgWhen starting a new story, you always have to put time into setting. One of my favorite Eras happens to be the Medieval Era. You know; knights in shining armor and all that. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because of the belief that men held themselves to a strict code of conduct. Not that they really did. Perhaps I know they didn’t, but I prefer to look at it through rose-colored glasses anyway.

Discover: Medieval Era lasted about 10 centuries!

It wasn’t actually that hard to find the time of castles and knights. It was deciding on how much history needed to be included into the story to make it accurate.

Learn: Famine, Plagues, and War diminished European population.

For the heroine to find herself in the predicament she is in I had to have a reason. Humm . . . which one should I use?

Write: To find out you’ll have to read my first chapter.

So, this will be something new and dangerous for me. I’m going to put my work up one chapter at a time. I’ll have someone check for misspelled words first, but it will be up to you to tell me if its good or if it stinks.

I’ll need ground rules though. Any suggestions?