Devotional: How to Get Back on Track Away From Sin


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When I go to work, I do what I’m supposed to do. Sometimes, I do more. Even then, I do it because if seems to be the right thing to do. When I’m at home, though, it’s a different story. I find myself spending hours playing on my iPad. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think playing a few games is wrong but when it takes up all my time, and I don’t get anything else done, it’s wrong.

I should be spending that time writing. I love writing. Why wouldn’t I spend the time creating stories and honing my craft? It’s like the devil knows God wants me to write so he distracts me. Unfortunately, I’ve been giving into those distractions.

In 1 Samuel, David was a great war hero. He killed Goliath. The first King of Israel, Saul, tried to kill him but David wouldn’t take revenge. He was a man the people trusted. They knew he would save them from the threats of the countries on Israel’s borders. Yet, he was a murderer and an adulterer.

In 1 Samuel 13:14, Samuel was speaking to King Saul and said, “but now your reign will not endure. The Lord has found a man loyal to Him, and the Lord has appointed him as ruler over His people because you have not done what the Lord commanded.”

So how is it that we still say King David was a man after God’s heart? Several reasons actually. We know from his writings found in the book of Psalms, that David was humble and revered God. He loved God above all else. When David became aware of the wrongs he’d done, he asked God for forgiveness and accepted the consequences of his actions.

When I confront my own actions or inaction, in this case, I recognize that I am doing wrong. I’m not doing what God has called me to do and that is a sin. To help me with this I will do the following things:

1. Pray, read my Bible, socialize with other Christians.
2. Purge my iPad of all but one or two of the games. Put a cap on how often or how much time I will spend playing.
3. Refocus on the reasons I believe God wants me to write. Let my mind explore the stories rolling around in my mind.

Lord, forgive me for neglecting what you have directed me to do. Help me to focus on your calling, once again. Thank you.


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