Devotional: Pray for Louisiana


full-rainbow-1346670.jpg Kong Teo

“I confirm My covenant with you that never again will every creature be wiped out by the waters of a flood; there will never again be a flood to destroy the earth.” Genesis 9:11 (HCSB)


I’m sorry I didn’t post last week. It’s crazy, but it slipped my mind. I try not to make excuses because I don’t think people like to hear them. But, I will tell you that I have started on a new journey in writing.

Last month, I joined the American Christian Fiction Writer’s (ACFW). Once a month they start a new member’s training for those who want to submit chapters of their work for critiquing. There are quite a few guidelines and I won’t bore you with the details, but I was so wrapped up in reading critiques, writing critiques, and submitting that by Thursday I realized I hadn’t written a blog post.

On Friday, the flood waters came and closed school. I debated whether to write or wait. I chose to wait. As the weekend progressed and a new week began, I learned more and more people’s homes had taken on water.

Seems the flood is worse than it was in March. In our church alone, 14 people’s homes were flooded. In March, 4 people had been affected.

In times like this, I am reminded of one of God’s promises. He promised Noah He would never destroy the earth with water. Then He said,

I have placed My bow in the clouds,
and it will be a sign of the covenant between Me and the earth.
Genesis 9:13 (HCSB)

A rainbow. The very first one. Did it stretch across the sky from one end to the other? Regardless, I love them. Not only because they are pretty but because they come with a promise. A promise that God will always keep his promises.

So, now as we help each other clean up, feed, and donate much-needed items, let’s remember all the other promises God has made to us. Promises to never forsake us, to never put more on us than we can handle, to love us unconditionally, and much more. Remember that the next time you see a rainbow.

For now, I ask that you will pray for us in Louisiana. Thanks.

Lord, many have experienced damage to their homes. A few have lost their lives. Please be with those families who have. Give us strength to carry ourselves through and to help those around us in need. Help us to remember your promises.

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