Devotional: The Road to the Cross-Part Three

donkey-1338236 Yupangco

Tell Daughter Zion,
“Look, your King is coming to you,
Gentle, and mounted on a donkey,
Even on a colt,
The foal of a beast of burden.”
Matthew 21:5 HCSB)

My weeks are usually very busy. Every night I’m bringing or picking my kids up from some event; Boy Scouts, soccer practice, Church, band practice, soccer games, or refereeing soccer games. Having a night to stay home seems like a blessing. I know I put it all on myself, but I believe I’m in the business of making boys into men and activities like these are often the building blocks to this goal.

Whether or not my kids are too busy or not isn’t the issue. The issue is whether they are learning what they need to learn. That is a God issue. I take them to these things and me, being the mom I believe God wants me to be. Ultimately, it is God who helps them learn what they need to learn.

When Jesus entered Jerusalem, it was the day after visiting His friend Lazarus. Jesus entered the temple and found it full of people selling animals at high prices. It angered him and he drove them out. After that, he healed the blind and the lame.

The next day, he went to the temple and told parable after parable. The chief priests and elders questioned His authority, but Jesus told more parables which they didn’t like because the stories were about them.

Then the Pharisees began to plot against Jesus. They tried to trap him by asking him about taxes to Caesar. Jesus knew their hearts and gave them a wise answer. One that was beyond what they expected from a simple carpenter.

Next, came the Sadducees questioning him. Then again the Pharisees. Eventually, Jesus put a stop to all their questions by asking a question they couldn’t answer. Then he basically chewed them out before telling more parables.

Jesus stayed at someone’s house where his head was anointed with a different woman’s perfume, He washes His disciples’ feet, and they celebrate the Festival of Unleavened Bread. He broke the bread and passed around the cup which symbolizing his body and blood. Finally, Judas left to plot with the Chief priest and elders.

Seems like Jesus had a busy week. All of it was intended to be a lesson. It teaches us about a lot of different things. It molds us into who God wants us to be. Children of God.

Lord, help me to learn and teach during the busyness of my life. Don’t let it just be busyness to be busy, but a time to learn and teach. Thank You for the lesson Jesus left us to learn. Give me the wisdom to understand them.

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