Devotional: The Road to the Cross-Part Two

You always have the poor with you, but you do not always have Me. (Matthew 26:11)

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As I think about the journey Jesus took towards the cross, I’m reminded of the woman who used perfume or “expensive fragrant oil” and poured it on Jesus’ feet. It was 6 weeks before the Passover.

What compelled her to “waste” (in the disciples’ point of view) the perfume on a man’s feet? Did she understand what she was doing or why she felt the need to honor Him in such a way?

Judas, the disciple who would later betray him, felt that this perfume could be sold and given to the poor, but Jesus told him to leave her alone. He said, “It was intended that she should save this perfume for the day of my burial.”

There is so much I find interesting about this story. First, the home that they were staying at was his friend Lazarus’.  He was the same friend He had raised from the dead weeks ago. Surely, Jesus’ stay there was purposeful and not just because of a close friendship. I’m sure He was there to say goodbye, but also to remind His disciples that He had power over death. The proof reclined at the table with them.

Secondly, the Bible says a dinner was given in Jesus’ honor and Martha was there serving them. Yet, it was Mary who had honored Jesus by washing his feet with the perfume and wiped it with her hair. Was it because of her love and devotion to Jesus and for raising her brother from the dead that she did so?

I can’t help think about another time Jesus visited this family. Martha had invited Him and His disciples to her home. Mary sat at Jesus’ feet listening to his words while Martha was busy with all the preparations that had to be made. She was upset that Mary had left her to do all the work, but Jesus told her that Mary had chosen to do the right thing; sit at his feet and learn about the salvation that only comes from Him.

So, here is Mary at Jesus’ feet again anointing Him. I think it’s because of her great love for him, but also, because she had become spiritually intuned to the will of God though she may not have realized it.

What does that say about you and me? Am I listening for God’s will? Is my spirit connected to the joys and sadness that He experiences when I do what he wants or don’t do what he wants? What about when I see others in pain or suffering? Or when others feel joy and happiness?

Lord, help me to keep my priorities in perspective. Let me see what is most important to You and Your will for my life. Thank You for the love You have for me.

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