Missing Character: Katelina


Peter the Young’s sister is blind. Would someone like her survive life without someone to help her? I’d like to think its possible, though I fear only the wealthy could afford to. I decided to do a search.


John_of_Bohemia, also known as John the Blind, was king of Bohemia. It’s said that he lost his sight from an illness when he was 39 or 40. He died in the Battle of Crécy presumably still blind. Of course, a man having once had sight would understand all references to things like color, shape, distance, hight, etc., but what about someone born with blindness?

As I continued to search, I came across a blog the described several painting of people in the 14th century, in particular, blind men and women. After reading several descriptions of long tunic, staff the hight if the persons shoulder, and dogs on leashes leading the blind person, I started to think about Jesus’s time. Stories in the bible about the blind usually had them sitting somewhere begging. From the descriptions of the paintings and the stories of the bible, I must conclude that in the 13 centuries between biblical and medieval life, life for a blind person had not changed much.


Katelina, despite her blindness is most fortunate to have a brother to live and care for her. So you will understand my concern when I discovered she was missing. When I ran into Peter the Young, this was our conversation:


Me: Peter, I heard Katelina is missing. Is there anything I can do?
Peter: Yes. Tell me where she is.
Me: I. . . I don’t understand. Why would I know where she is?
Peter: Your the author. Why wouldn’t you know? (I could only stair at him) Look, just tell and I’ll be on my way. (I continued to stare. I couldn’t decide what to say. He frowned) Why did she leave her home?
Me: I was hoping you could tell me that?
Peter: This is your story. Why wouldn’t you know?
Me: I’m stuck. I can’t decide on what reason she might have for leaving a home she knows and loves. I was hoping our conversation would inspire me.
Peter: (sighing) Well, if I just knew where she was headed.
Me: Oh, that’s easy. She was on her way to the Abbey.
Peter: So, she’s at the Abbey?
Me: No, she never made it there. Why was she going to the abbey and where were you?
Peter: Lady Anna and I where called to court. The king wanted to meet my bride. Since, Lady Anna is in the family way, I didn’t want to put it off and risk the baby.
Me: (smiling) Lady Anna’s pregnant?
Peter: Like you didn’t know. (I giggled) Anyway, Katelina might have left to keep herself from being a burden to us with a new baby on the away.
Me. And how do you feel about that?
Peter: (His eyes soften) Katelina would never be a burden.
Me: Thank you Peter. You’ll find her. I promise.
(Peter nodded. I smiled and turned away.)

Is there any real reason a blind person would leave a home where they are loved and cared for? A place where their every need is met?

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