Georgian House Plan

Sometimes when a character is approaching a house it is necessary to describe something about it. I had to research home designs not for the Victorian time period. But I had to keep in mind that the homes my character’s lived in were not just built. They are family homes and are centuries old. For the Bradston country estate, I chose the Georgian Era.

I took it a step further and drew a house plan to make it easier to visualize my character’s walking through the halls and into the rooms. I draw everything with pencil so I had to work a little to get the drawing dark enough for the internet.

General Characteristics:

  • 1 or 2 story box shape and symmetrical.
  • A Panel front door is centered and capped with an elaborate crown supported by decorative pilasters
  • Often has chimneys on both sides of the house.
  • A portico is common with post-Georgian styles.
  • Small dormer windows in the upper floors, primarily used for servant’s quarters.
  • Larger windows on the main floors.

A famous Georgian Style home: The White House

What is your favorite style of home? Why do you think it’s your favorite?

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