Would a 19th Century Englishman Enjoy Football?

I wanted to get to know one of the characters in “Victorian Knight” a little bit better so I asked him to come over for an interview. Lord James Hurst is Lord Preston’s brother. So, I invited him into my home. He was much taller than my 5′ height and seemed to fill the door frame as he entered. He sat on the love seat and I sat on the couch with my husband. My husband was watching the Saints play the 49ers. I couldn’t help think Lord James would make a good football player even at the age of 17. I served hot chocolate since it was a cold January evening.

Lord James, Can you tell me about yourself?

He shrugged his shoulders. There’s not much to tell. I am the second son of the Duke of Blackfield.

Would you say that most people say you look like your father?

Not as much as Preston, but my brothers and I all look a lot alike. He took a sip of his hot chocolate. I noticed his eyes were the same color, but richer.

What was it like growing up on your country estate?

Lord James was momentarily distracted by what was happening in the game. I was a lot of fun. Our home was a keep at one time. The walls around the keep are no longer standing, but we still have a couple of towers. When my brothers and I were young we use to pretend we were knights. We even had wooden swords. We imagined our home to be a magical place where dragons were fought and young ladies were saved.

Who was the bad guy?

Lord James grinned. I was the bad guy. It was always me against my three brothers and I always won.

I understand that the first-born inherits the family property. Your family owns quite a bit of land, yet as the second son of a Duke you will only be given a salary to live on. In light of that fact, do you envy Lord Preston?

He shook his head, his brown curls falling over his collar. No. I don’t envy the responsibilities my brother has. I believe I have more freedom than he does. Besides that, family is important to me.

You say that, yet, you are known to disappear for long period of time without telling your parents. On your most recent disappearance you returned with an oriental man. Do you care to tell us where you go and why?

Lord James sat back and crossed his arms over his chest. I’m not at liberty to say. That information is classified.

Classified? Are you doing something illegal?

He laughed. No. I’m one of the good guys.

Ok! Ok! Let’s change the subject. What Is your relationship to Jesus?

Jesus is a big part of my life. I accepted christ when I was about nine. I went to my mother on day and told her I wanted to be a Christian. She asked me a few questions. Then, she explained what being a Christian was all about and lead me through the sinners prayer.

Thank you for sharing what you could. I hope you are doing the right thing by keeping the rest to yourself.

He didn’t say anything. The Saints were running the ball in for a touch down. He stayed until the game was over, which turned out to be a great game even though we lost. Then, he stood and I walked him to the door.

Don’t be a stranger. Come back and see me sometime.


I watched him leave and couldn’t help but ponder what he wasn’t telling me. Sooner or later, I’m determined to get more out of him.

What do you think Lord James could be up to? Do you think a 19th century Englishman would have enjoyed football? Why or why not?

Image: digitalart / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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