What A Weekend! Inspiration Galore

20111213-171602.jpgIf your December is as busy as mine you probable feel like your flying by the seat of your pants. Two Sundays ago, my kids and I flew to Florida for my brother’s wedding. It was beautiful but unusual for me and my family.

Unusual because my brother married someone who’s family is from India. So the wedding was a Hindu wedding which is full of traditional ceremonies. Some ceremonies are in relation to there Hindu god and some are just ways for the 20111212-200905.jpggroom and bride to get to know each other. In our culture the bride and groom know each other, but in their’s the a marriage is often arranged. No, my brother’s marriage was not arranged, but they still had fun playing the games meant to help them get to know each other.

It was beautiful because of the saris that almost every one wore including myself. The women wear lots of glittery jewelry. Bling if you will. The wedding itself lasted three hour. It was the longest wedding I had ever been to and/or participated in, but I really had fun. From the time we flew to Florida to the time I returned home, my brain was flooded with so much inspiration that I’m sure if I needed to I could sit down and mull over several plots.

What about you? Are you letting yourself fly through this season or are you taking it all in for future inspiration? Leave a comment. Tell me what is inspiring you this Christmas season.

One thought on “What A Weekend! Inspiration Galore

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