Veterans Day

I know Veteran’s Day was Friday, but I had the best time celebrating it this year. I went to the air show in Pensacola, Florida and saw the Blue Angels. Below is one of the things the GEICO Skytypers typed in the sky.


My dad wrote on Facebook that he doesn’t need to be thanked for being in the military. He benefited from the G.I. bill among other things. But I’m not sure that’s the point. Dad still had a choice of joining or not. There or those who join and for whatever reason don’t finish their term. So, to Dad and all who were and are in the military, thanks!


While I was there it came to me that I could use this experience to write a contemporary story. The sites and sounds I’ve experienced might be fun to write about. Yet, my focus right now is on historical and for now I’m going to stick to that.

Have you ever been to an air show? What was your favorite thing?

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